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Subscription terms

1. Transaction amount

The transaction amount for the purchase of a DriverHub Pro license key subscription displayed on the purchase page may not include taxes of a specific country. The final amount of the transaction, taking into account all possible taxes and fees, is displayed to the user after agreeing with the privacy policy, user agreement, subscription terms and entering the e-mail address for sending a license key in the modal window that appears after clicking the "Buy DriverHub Pro" button on the purchase page.

2. Currency

Payments are mainly accepted in the currency of the country from whose territory the purchase is made, if it is possible to process it by the payment service. In case of a mismatch between the currency and the country of the bank that issued the card, the currencies will be converted at the rate of the bank that issued the card at the time of payment.

3. Cancellation and return policy

To cancel a DriverHub Pro subscription, it is necessary to enter license key in the appropriate field and click on the "Cancel Subscription" button on the subscription cancellation page.

To return a payment, it is necessary to write a request on the "Contacts" page, be sure to indicate the following data:

  • e-mail address to which the license key was registered when purchasing it;
  • amount and date of purchase;
  • reason for the return.

4. Contacts

For all questions related to the purchase, renewal, return and cancellation of a subscriptionfeel free to use contact form or e-mail:

5. Subscription period

The subscription period depends on the tariff and is directly indicated in calendar days:

  • in the block next to the "Buy DriverHub Pro" button on the DriverHub Pro purchase page;
  • in the modal window that appears after clicking the "Buy DriverHub Pro" button on the purchase page.
Paso 1: descargar el software
Paso 2: finalizar la instalación
Abra la carpeta Descargas y busque el archivo del programa de instalación de DriverHub, con un nombre similar a "driver-hub-install[__xхх].exe".

Haga doble clic en el archivo de instalación para completarla.