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  • How do I activate DriverHub Pro?

    Buy a license key and enter it when you first launch the program.

  • How do I buy DriverHub Pro?
    You can buy DriverHub Pro on the purchase page.
  • How do I get my money back?

    Please read the refund policy and follow the instructions. You can also contact us through the contact form.

  • What's a subscription, and how does it work?

    A subscription is a recurring payment for the program that automatically charges your debit or credit card.

  • How do I cancel my subscription?

    You can cancel your subscription here. To restore access to your personal account on the payment processor's website, use the restore password option on the payment processor's website at the link above. Once you log in, head to the 'Subscriptions' section, select the subscription you're looking for, and click 'Cancel'.

  • How to delete DriverHub Pro?
  • Money was taken from my card, but I didn't receive a license key. What should I do?

    Make sure that the e-mail sent to you from the payment processor didn't end up in your Spam folder. 

    If you don't have an e-mail, go to your personal account on the payment processor's website in the 'Product details' section, and click 'Download licence'.

  • I can't make a payment. What should I do?

    Make sure that there are sufficient funds on your bank card. Try using another bank card.

  • Refund Policy

    You can read the refund policy in the 'Refund Policy' section.

  • Can I use the same DriverHub Pro license on several PCs?

    Read DriverHub Pro's current Terms of Use here. You can find information about a previously purchased license in the e-mail that was sent to you after your purchase.

  • What's the difference between the free and Pro versions of DriverHub?

    You can see a comparison of features laid out side-by-side here.

  • When does the period for using the product start?

    From the date of purchase.

  • How do I find out the expiration date for my license key?

    In the 'Settings' tab in DriverHub.

    Or in your personal account on the payment processor's website by going to the 'Subscriptions' section. Select the 'View recurring payment details' option. The 'Next Payment' date is the license key's expiration date.

  • What is autorun for DriverHub Pro, and how do I configure it?

    Scheduled autorun for the program and its settings are available in the 'Auto-launch' tab in DriverHub Pro.

  • What should I do if there's an error when launching the program or while it's working?

    Tell us the error code via the feedback form.

  • Where can I download DriverHub and DriverHub Pro?

    You can download DriverHub here.

    DriverHub Pro can be downloaded by clicking the link in the e-mail sent to you after paying for a subscription or from our website.

  • How do I update the program?

    When new versions are available, the program will automatically prompt you to update it when it launches.

    You can download the latest version of DriverHub here.

    The latest version of DriverHub Pro can be downloaded by clicking the link in the e-mail sent to you after paying for a subscription or from our website.

  • What operating system capacities does the program support?

    32/64 bytes.

  • How can I find out the current and latest versions of the program?

    Go to the 'About' section.

  • How do I find out my current license key and its expiration date?

    Go to the 'Settings' section in the program.

  • Where are the driver backups stored?

    Driver backups will only be available in DriverHub Pro for the foreseeable future.

  • What should I do if the drivers weren't right for me?

    Read about possible reasons for this issue.

  • What are WHQL drivers?
  • What is DrvHub lab?

    Technology for collecting and analyzing compliance and providing the most appropriate drivers.

  • What is expert mode?

    Expert mode allows you to learn more about drivers and pick and choose which ones to install.

  • Do I have to install all available drivers?

    No, you don't.

  • Drivers without WHQL digital signature
    Sometimes while trying to install a driver, a message may be displayed stating that there's no digital signature that confirms its publisher. The absence of a digital signature is not a reason for not installing a specific driver. The main thing is that the driver must be downloaded/installed from a trusted source. All drivers in the DriverHub database are taken from trusted sources only.

    What is a WHQL digital signature?

    When developing a new device and its driver, the vendor contacts Microsoft to obtain certification for their product. Both the device and the driver are tested under the WHQL (Windows Hardware Quality Lab) system.

    For drivers, Microsoft generates an electronic certificate indicating that it has passed WHQL testing. This file is then bundled with the device driver, which Windows checks before installing it. If there's no certificate, the OS will display a message about the absence of a digital signature.

    Is it safe to install a driver without a WHQL signature?

    The lack of a digitally signed driver is a fairly common situation. Installing such drivers doesn't cause harm to user devices, provided they are taken from trusted sources.

    It's possible that the driver publisher has already sent all the necessary information to Microsoft to obtain a signature, and is now just waiting in line for WHQL testing. In this case, the driver may be already available for download and installation.

  • Using the BrightData network

    You will get free feature in exchange for safely using some of your device’s resources, and only in a manner that will not substantially affect the device's operation (you can see exactly how on You may turn this off from the settings menu. Please see our TOS  and the SDK Privacy Policy at for further information.

  • What is a driver backup?

    A driver backup is a file with all the drivers installed in the operating system at the moment.

    DriverHub Pro has the ability to create a backup of the current device drivers installed in the OS. If at the moment all computer devices are working stably, it makes sense to backup the drivers. This will allow you to easily restore the functionality of devices in case of a failure or reinstallation of the OS.


    It is better to keep a backup of the drivers on multiple devices at the same time. We recommend that you do not store the backup file on the PC system disk and place a copy of the file in the cloud storage for reliability.

  • How to back up drivers?

    To create a backup in DriverHub Pro, use the “Backup” tab. In the upper part of the screen displays the path (you can change it) where the backup file will be saved.


    After clicking on the “Create a backup” button, the process of scanning all drivers in the OS and creating a backup file from them will start. On the last screen, you will see a list of drivers in the backup file.You can also open the folder where the backup file is located.

  • How to restore drivers from a backup?

    To install drivers from a backup in DriverHub Pro, go to the “Backup” tab. The path where DriverHub Pro saves backups by default is always displayed at the bottom of the screen. If your backup is not in the specified folder, click "Edit" and specify the location of your backup file. If the backup file is located in the specified folder, the "Restore" button will be active - click on it. The process of analyzing your PC devices will start. Next, a list of drivers available for installation will open.  


    Each driver can have 4 states:

    • a) Can be installed - it means there is no current driver in the OS for the corresponding device, and you can install it from a backup. To do this, select all the necessary drivers with a checkmark on the left and click "Install";
    • b) The device is disabled - the driver file is in the backup, but at the moment there is no corresponding device connected to your PC. In this situation, the driver cannot be installed.
    • c) New Device - This device was not connected at the time the backup file was created. You can install the driver on it in the “Drivers” tab;
    • d) Driver Installed - The driver for this device is already installed. Reinstalling it from a backup file does not make sense.

    After clicking the “Install” button, all the drivers selected in the previous step will be installed.

Paso 1: descargar el software
Paso 2: finalizar la instalación
Abra la carpeta Descargas y busque el archivo del programa de instalación de DriverHub, con un nombre similar a "driver-hub-install[__xхх].exe".

Haga doble clic en el archivo de instalación para completarla.